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transparent double roll night blind for commercial refrigeration vertical display showcase

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  • Polycore
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Product Description

Qingdao Polycore Technology night blind (also called night curtain,night cover) systems make a considerable contribution to reducing energy consumption in supermarkets. Supermarket operator can save energy costs by fitting refrigerated display cabinets with Polycore Technology heat-insulating night blinds when store is closed, on public holidays and at the weekend.

      PET material night blind can prevent cold air to drop out of showcase meanwhile reflects heat air of store into showcase.

Perforated hole in blind material provide air channel for showcase.


Transparent PET double roll is cheapest, it can prevent some dirty obstacle into display showcase, prevent cooling air out of display in some extent. Some clients who have keen care on display showcase cost select such kind of blind.

      Width should be within 1250mm,length within 2000mm.

Handle usually adopted in double roll night blind  is Handle B.

Handle BB,D also available as request.


Polycore Handle B                                                  

                                                Handle B

Polycore Handel BB

                                                 Handle BB

Polycore Handle D

                                                 Handle D



Technical Data Sheet


Transparent double roll-400k   
    Transparent PET double roll night blind
  transparent night blind for horizontal showcase
     Transparent PET sigle roll night blind
pet aluminized B without bracket-400k

   PET Aluminizer Fabric B night blind for vertical showcase
    aluminizer fabric night blind with box-400k  
       PET Aluminizer Fabric A night blind with box
  Aluminizer fabric night blind with magnetism

                   PET Aluminizer Fabric A night blind with magnetism

   Electronic Aluminizer Fabric A night blind



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