What can we do for you

Professional suggestion

To the client who just enter into new business, we can suggest suitable products for you according to our experience more than ten years cooperation with famous companies in business field. Such suggestion can save your time and cost to try times.
What can we do for you

Superior Quality

We are not just supply products to you, we are leading manufacturer of quality level in our falling business field. All of our products with top quality standard with favorable reputation from our clients. We are not just sell products to you, we are your partner to achieve strict market target. 
What can we do for you

On time cost saving Delivery

We have regular semi-finished products for clients so after order confirmation we can start making process with fast reaction system, so on time delivery guarantee client’s sourcing proceed. For smaller order we can compare different delivery method and select most saving delivery method for client. We also have long term cooperation with express company with competitive cost solution.
What can we do for you

After-sale service

After products delivery, we keep one ear on client’s response and keep as consultant always. New products exploring and new market exploring always follow our cooperation with client. Client is not just client for us, client means friend for us. So we would like to grow up with friend always.

Polycore PC honeycomb core

Polycore PC honeycomb series

Qingdao Polycore Technology Co., Ltd

is a complex corporation which is engaged in the products developing, manufacturing and marketing. The major business of Polycore Technology is falling in Commercial Fridge display showcase assembly products and light weight, high strength structure material supply. Mainly products are PC honeycomb, night blind (night cover), air curtain, PC tube,PVC price holder applied in commercial refrigeration display showcase, and structure...



high flatness PC honeycomb for laser engraving and cutting machine

Polycore PC honeycomb act as honeycomb plate for laser engraving and cutting machine meet to low sputtering rate, smaller gas absorption rate,top flatness and strong breathability all main factors which influence to laser cutting machine life and cutted products' accuracy.



Polycore PP honeycomb core as active carbon frame in air purifying disinfector

Polycore PP honeycomb core as active carbon frame applied in air purifier,air-sterilizing machine,air sterilizing apparatus,air disinfector,air-purifying disinfector,air purify,water purifier,water purify and so on .Honeycomb core cell diameter from 8mm,10mm,12mm to 16mm,most commonly adopted are 8m



safety and air outlet long distance PC honeycomb supplying from China Polycore

In old days there is only hexagonal PVC honeycomb act as air outlet before PC honeycomb entered into commercial refrigeration display showcase business field.Comparing with traditional Hexagonal PVC honeycomb, Polycore PC honeycomb is round shape,so every points connection with other points is unifo

Polycore PP honeycomb core and PP honeycomb sheet

Polycore PP honeycomb series



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