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FRP PP honeycomb sandwich panel

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Qingdao Polycore FRPan - FRP PP honeycomb sandwich panel adopted aero technology to make out very light in weight ,high stiffness strength panel to market.

Different with traditional Honeycomb sandwich panel, Polycore FRPan adopted more than 60% fiberglass in FRP skin panel so it guarantee the sandwich panel weight reduce much more and strength improved meanwhile.

Besides in FRPan FRP skin thickness 0.5mm and 1.0mm is possible and  thickness of sandwich panel is more definitely.

So for such project which has more strict requirement in weight and rigid thickness ,Polycore FRPan is your best choice.

Polycore FRPan can select fire-retardant resin to make out fire-retardant FRP skin to meet to fire-retardant requirement project.

Polycore FRPan also can laminate anti-fire skin to make out attractive anti-fire skin for project requirement.




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