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  • high flatness PC honeycomb for laser engraving and cutting machine

    Polycore PC honeycomb act as honeycomb plate for laser engraving and cutting machine meet to low sputtering rate, smaller gas absorption rate,top flatness and strong breathability all main factors which influence to laser cutting machine life and cutted products' accuracy.

  • safety and air outlet long distance PC honeycomb supplying from China Polycore

    In old days there is only hexagonal PVC honeycomb act as air outlet before PC honeycomb entered into commercial refrigeration display showcase business field.Comparing with traditional Hexagonal PVC honeycomb, Polycore PC honeycomb is round shape,so every points connection with other points is unifo

  • FRP PP honeycomb sandwich panel

    Qingdao Polycore FRPan - FRP PP honeycomb sandwich panel adopted aero technology to make out very light in weight ,high stiffness strength panel to market.Different with traditional Honeycomb sandwich panel, Polycore FRPan adopted more than 60% fiberglass in FRP skin panel so it guarantee the sandwi

  • saving energy fabric in night blind system

    Polycore night blind can save energy for commercial refrigeration.
    Polycore fabric can save energy for building

  • big corecell plastic honeycomb scale production in China

    Built-in Collecting and storing solar energy heater with Polycore PC honeycomb run in low or high sunshine efficiency is better than vacuum heater. Solar heater with PC honeycomb run stable in winter and price is cheaper than vacuum heater, easy to match to building roof.In order to reduce cost.




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